Living Out Your Faith Ministries, Inc.  
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Meeting Spiritual Needs

     With Physical Aid

Since its beginning, LOYFM has had one goal: to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost people of the world so that every person may be reconciled to God through Jesus. 

We desire for every person that we come in contact with to know Christ and make Him known, resulting in

transformed lives, restored relationships, and changed communities.

Who We Are

Living Out Your Faith Ministries, Inc. (LOYFM) is an international, non-denominational

Christian missionary mobilization agency. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

that was incorporated in the state of North Carolina in the year 2013. We have a board of directors and a global leadership team made of representatives from all of our locations that provide most of the in-country strategic direction for the organization.

Countless times throughout the New Testament we hear about Jesus providing for the physical needs of the people, because He understood that people who have physical needs often times cannot concentrate on a spiritual problem unless the physical need is taken care of first.

As an organization, we truly care about people.  We care that they are separated from God.  We care that they have needs that they honestly cannot meet. We care enough to do something for them because their need is right in front of us.  We feed the hungry, give water to the thirsty, and provide for many other needs because when we do so it opens the door to the preaching of the gospel.

Jesus came to give eternal life, which is the most important need all human beings have.

(828) 337-2837

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